Kentucky Bluegrass

Highlights of Premium Blend Kentucky Bluegrass Sod:

Darker: Kentucky Bluegrass sod is naturally darker and stays looking healthy with less fertilizer

Denser: Kentucky Bluegrass sod has improved density that helps to compete with weeds

Dwarf: With less vertical growth and canopy height, Kentucky Bluegrass sod will have to be mowed less often

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Premium Blend Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass is the most popular blend of sod from Willowlee Sod Farms. It is great for use on home lawns, sports fields, commercial properties, golf courses, and parks throughout Ontario.

This Kentucky Bluegrass sod has gained popularity because of its ability to thrive in both hot and cool temperatures, only requiring moderate fertilization and watering, and its tolerance to varying mowing heights.

Our Kentucky Bluegrass, once mature, is scientifically proven to use less water. It is approved by the TWCA program and is approved for use on all LEED projects.

Kentucky Bluegrass Highlights:

  • Dark: Naturally dark and requires less fertilizer
  • Dense: Improved density to compete with weeds
  • Dwarf: Less vertical growth it requires less mowing

Kentucky Bluegrass Benefits:

  • Uniform Turf Growth
  • Drought Resistant
  • Shade Resistant
  • Moderate Traffic Resistance
  • Natural Dark Green Colour


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