3-D Premium Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

Ultra 3-D Kentucky Bluegrass is our most popular blend of sod which is used on sports fields, home lawns and parks throughout Ontario. The popularity of Kentucky bluegrass is due to its ability to thrive in hot and cool temperatures, tolerance to a variety of mowing heights and need for only moderate fertilization and watering.

Darker – A naturally darker turf that requires less fertilizer to stay looking healthy
Denser – Improved density will help compete with weeds
Dwarfer – Less vertical growth and canopy height equals less mowing.

Improved drought tolerance

Our Ultra 3-D Sod Blend Kentucky Bluegrass is approved in the TWCA program. It is scientifically proven to use less water once the grass is mature. This product is approved for use on all LEED projects.

Rhizomatous Tall Fescue

Rhizomatous Tall Fescue (RTF®) is a new type of tall fescue that produces rhizomes. It looks a lot like bluegrass but it needs 25-30% less water, has improved shade tolerance and is approved for use on LEED projects. RTF® initiates new grass growth underneath the soil, giving it the ability to repair itself and fill in bare spots.

Self-Repairing Turf – Fills in Open Areas in the Lawn by Means of Rhizomes • Knits the Lawn Together • Quickly Fills in Damaged or Open Spots with New Shoots of Grass

Strong, Deep Root System – Ability to Draw its Moisture From a Deep Profile • Excellent Drought and Heat Tolerance, Requires Less Irrigation • Excellent in Our Transition-Zone Climate

Grows Great in Sun or Shade – Tolerant of intense summer heat • One of the most tolerant cool-season grasses

Excellent Colour & Density – Fine Leaf which produces a dense uniform lawn

Early Spring Green up – Withstands stressful hot temperatures and keeps its rich green colour

Excellent Insect and Disease Resistance – Endophyte Enhanced for improved insect disease heat and drought tolerance

Environmentally Friendly : reduced fertilizer needed



Willowlee Sod Farms is Green Certified!
We strive to be the best possible stewards of the environment. This is why Willowlee Sod Farms achieved Green Certification as a proud member of the Ontario Sod Growers. We recognize the potential threats to the environment around us and create action plans to minimize risk. The skills we learned in this process are used throughout our organization and our company is stronger for it. This audit-based system ensures that we maintain high standards of: WATER CONSERVATION • WATER SOURCE PROTECTION • SOIL CONSERVATION • APPROVED NUTRIENT APPLICATION • PROVINCIAL MINISTRY GUIDELINES

Bella® Bluegrass

Bella is the world’s first dwarf, vegetative Bluegrass meaning it is sold as sod, not as seed. Bella is a bluegrass unlike any other bluegrass on the market. Bella is a quick grower laterally, but has very minimal vertical growth. The dwarf characteristic of Bella only allows it to grow to about 4″ in height, which means 50%-80% less mowing. Bella is a breakthrough in Bluegrass and turf technology and sets a new standard for Bluegrass aesthetics and performance.


Commercial, Sports/Parks, Home
Blade-width: 3 mm
Soils: Sand, Clay
Growth: Rhizomes

Colour: Alpine Green
Fall Color Retention: Excellent
Spring Green Up: Excellent

Mower: Standard Rotary
Height: 2-3″
Weed Control: Good
Insect Resistance: Very Good
Disease Resistance: Good

Wear: Very Good
Injury Recovery: Very Good