1 quantity = 1 cubic yard tote bag

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Willowlee Sod Farms’ Sand is premium quality and can be used for a variety of different projects. Sand can be great to add to your landscaping projects and it has many benefits that will help your yard thrive. It is a versatile material that is useful all year round.

Sand benefits include:

  • Holds moisture for a long time, which is great for gardens when mixed with Premium Garden Soil
  • Adds good drainage to your garden
  • Contains mineral particles that add nutrients
  • Great to fill in spaces between stones and interlocking
  • Good for use when levelling land
  • Holds more heat than soil, which can be good for certain plants
  • Fertilizer nutrients can act faster when sand is used
  • Good for facilitating transplants
  • Offers improved irrigation as water is absorbed faster
  • Good for aerating soil
  • Useful in the winter after each snowfall


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