Pea Stone

1 quantity = 1 cubic yard tote bag


Our Pea Stone is versatile and is commonly used for driveways, pathways, patios, and many other landscaping projects. This Pea Stone is great at preventing weeds and it will improve the drainage in your garden and/or lawn. This smooth stone is very sturdy and is great for high traffic areas. Pea Stone can be used for both aboveground projects and underground projects – it is very good for pipe bedding and drainage.

Pea Stone benefits include:

  • Looks great in flower beds and gardens
  • Retains heat, which can help certain plants thrive
  • Reduces weed growth
  • Fewer pests are attracted with pea stones
  • Helps to control erosion
  • Improves drainage
  • The smooth texture makes these stones easy to walk on with any footwear or barefoot


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