5/8 Crush Stone

1 quantity = 1 cubic yard tote bag


Our 5/8 Crushed Stone is a high-quality stone that is easy to roll, tamp, or vibrate into place when creating a stable surface. Great for your landscaping projects, it is commonly used for driveway repairs and installation, tank and pipe bedding, and other construction or landscaping projects. This stone is ideal for drainage in your yard and your landscaping projects.

5/8 Crushed Stone benefits include:

  • Locks to form a stable surface after tamping or rolling
  • Great sub-base for roads, driveways, and pavers
  • Construction fill
  • Helps to prevent erosion
  • Provides traction for railroad tracks
  • Used with cement
  • Great as asphalt and concrete mix
  • Good use with concrete blocks
  • Ideal for retaining walls, driveways, roads, and paver base


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