Screened Compost

Screened Compost is a natural fertilizer that has many nutrients. Our Screened Compost improves the soil structure in your landscaping while also improving drainage. We recommend using our Screened Compost if you want to improve your soil quality.

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Willowlee Sod Farm’s Screened Compost is great for all gardens because it is full of nutrients. It helps to trap moisture between watering sessions, which gives your plants the water they need over a longer period of time. It pairs great with our Natural Pine Mulch or Black Mulch. Our Screened Compost is made of all-natural materials that will decompose over time. It is a natural fertilizer that contains many nutrients that benefit your soil and plants. As well, our screened compost improves the drainage in your landscaping while improving the soil structure. If you are looking to improve your soil quality, then this is the product we recommend.

Benefits Include:
-It is full of nutrients
-Improves soil drainage
-Moisture holding abilities aid in disease prevention
-Great for both residential and commercial landscaping projects
-Improves soil quality
-Promotes healthy flower, vegetable, and other plant growth
-Reduces soil erosion by controlling the movement of sedimentation and dust
-Leads to improved soil aeration

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