3/4 Clear Stone

3/4 Clear Stone has many benefits for all of your landscaping projects. Prevents weed growth. Allows soil below to retain moisture. Does not attract insects. Offers sun protection to plant roots.


Willowlee Sod Farm’s 3/4 Clear Stone has a lot of uses. Our recommendation is to use these stones under slabs of concrete, on driveways, for drainage in weeping beds, as a bedding material for septic tanks, or in window wells. Our 3/4 Clear Stone has great drainage because it contains no filler material like sand. The stones are good for decoration in landscaping projects.

Willowlee Sod Farm’s 3/4 Clear Stone is great for all of your landscaping projects, there are many benefits:
-It prevents weed growth
-Holds moisture in the soil
-Does not attract insects
-Protects your plant roots from the sun
-Can be used as a permanent mulch
-Will be great for areas that need good drainage
-It does not blow away
-This stone will not rot
-Improves flower growth, due to the improved drainage, and weed prevention
-Can be used as a base for cement
-Makes great bedding material for septic tanks

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