Superior alternative to silt fence and straw wattles, 8” and 12” in stock

Mesh + FilterMedia™
SiltSoxx™ is a three dimensional tubular mesh device, filled with Filtrexx Media, that helps stop sediment. It is a superior alternative to silt fence and straw wattles. It is used in check dams, perimeter control, inlet protection, filter rings and more.

FILTREXX-sediment-cotrolSediment Control
Filtrexx is the inventor of the compost filter sock, a superior alternative to silt fence and straw wattles to divert, control and trap sediment and debris during construction activities. Our team of experienced sediment & erosion control professionals design and engineer Best Management Practices (BMPs) for diverse sediment control applications.

Filtrexx is the industry leader in sustainable technologies especially designed for stabilization applications. From bank stabilization, channel protection and retaining living walls to compost erosion control, stormwater and vegetated blankets, we offer a wide range of reliable stabilization and erosion control solutions.


Delimit areas and install barriers to retain sediments


Redirect stormwater runoff from areas at risk towards designated secured area


Reduce slope length and stormwater runoff velocity

Willowlee Sod Farms is Green Certified!

We strive to be the best possible stewards of the environment. This is why Willowlee Sod Farms achieved Green Certification as a proud member of the Ontario Sod Growers.


We recognize the potential threats to the environment around us and create action plans to minimize risk. The skills we learned in this process are used throughout our organization and our company is stronger for it. This audit-based system ensures that we maintain high standards of: WATER CONSERVATION • WATER SOURCE PROTECTION • SOIL CONSERVATION • APPROVED NUTRIENT APPLICATION • PROVINCIAL MINISTRY GUIDELINES


TWCAFounded in 2010 by four direct competitors in the turfgrass industry, the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance is a non-profit trade association committed to water conservation.


We believe that by improving the plant materials available we can reduce the water needs of the managed environment while preserving the vital ecological services provided by greenspaces. Our science based approach to conservation relies on the 3rd party peer review of objective data to qualify only those turfgrasses that demonstrate a statistically significant water saving potential over conventional varieties of the same species. By testing with research collaborators in thirteen locations across North America, the TWCA is eliminating confounding factors such as soil type, heat, and pest management from the results. With more than 100 members world-wide representing the green collar industry, government agencies, and academia, the TWCA continues to grow and continues to emphasize the importance of a balanced, scientifically based approach to conservation and the managed environment. For more information: