CBR IV Spreader

The CBR IV Spreader is great for use with fertilizer, seed, and, other lawn products. It evenly distributes fertilizer and seed, which leads to a healthy lawn.

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Willowlee Sod Farm’s CBR IV Spreader is ideal for spreading fertilizer, seed, or other lawn products. It is great when used with any of the Willowlee Sod Farm grass blends or fertilizers – such as Fall Dormant Fertilizer, Pro Maintenance Fertilizer, Grow In Fertilizer, Turf Starter Fertilizer, Champion Ryegrass Seed Blend, RFT Seed Blend, TWCA Parkland Seed Blend, Emerald Seed Blend. It helps to distribute product evenly which leads to healthy feeding of fertilizer nutrients to all parts of your lawn.

The Benefits Include:
-Distribute fertilizer and seed evenly
-Uneven fertilizer distribution can lead to diseases in your lawn. Spreader prevents this
-Improves accuracy
-Increases seed growth
-Decreases the time needed to distribute fertilizer and grass seed
-Reduces product waste because the spreader gives a more full distribution
-Less effort required when distributing fertilizer, seed, and other lawn products to your lawn
-Use in the winter for salt distribution
-Increased precision
-Increase distribution of nutrients to your lawn
-Control the amount of fertilizer or seed distributed

The CBR IV Spreader is great when used with these Willowlee Sod Farm Products:
Top Soil
Premium Garden Soil
RFT Seed Blend 
TWCA Parkland Seed Blend
Emerald Seed Blend 
Fall Dormant Fertilizer
Pro Maintenance Fertilizer
Grow In Fertilizer
Turf Starter Fertilizer 
Limestone Screenings
Bio Pegs
Screened Compost
3/4 Clear Stone
5/8 Crush Stone
River Stone
Pea Stone
Natural Pine Mulch
Black Mulch
Cedar Mulch 
CBR IV Spreader
MP 2 Fertilizer Spreader