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Willowlee Sod’s RTF Lawn Seed requires less water and has both shade and sun tolerance. This is a type of self-repairing grass that will fill in any bare spots.

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The Willowlee Sod Farm Rhizomatous Tall Fescue (RTF®) Seed blend is a type of tall fescue that produces rhizomes – which allows the grass to perennate. The RTF Seed Blend grows into a self-repairing lawn that has the ability to quickly fill any open or damaged spots on your lawn. It is ideal for areas that contain both the sun and shade – this is one of the most tolerant grasses in both intense summer heat and the cooler seasons.

This type of grass is environmentally friendly and requires less fertilization and less water over time. It has a rich green colour that is ideal for both residential and commercial properties.

Our RTF Seed Blend is made up of:
29.98% Barrobusto Tall Fescue
29.95% Barvado Tall Fescue
19.63% Bar FA 9125 (RTF) Tall Fescue
20.47% Bar FA 7676 (RTF) Tall Fescue

Rate: 4 lbs per 1000 ft2

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