River Stone

River Stone has many different colours that add a great natural look to your garden. Our stone is great for use in high-traffic areas because it is a highly durable stone.


Willowlee Sod Farm’s River Stone is a great quality stone with many benefits. Our River Stone is a highly durable stone and is good for use in high-traffic areas. River Stone looks great in any landscaping project and adds natural colours to your garden.

The benefits include:
-Ideal for use in your flower and plant beds
-Our river rock varies in colour and adds a finished look to any garden or landscaping project
-Erosion is prevented as the stones hold heat well
-This stone is good for a variety of types of plants
-An alternative to mulch, because this is permanent
-Increased prevention against weeds in your landscaping
-It is great for lining your garden or building a pathway
-This is a great alternative to gravel
-Soil erosion is reduced when our stones are used
-There is improved drainage with our stones

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