Pro Maintenance Fertilizer 30-04-10

The Willowlee Pro Maintenance Fertilizer is great for established lawns and aids your grass in staying greener longer. Our blend leads to thicker, healthier grass.


The Willowlee Sod Farm Pro Maintenance Fertilizer blend is best for established lawns and helps your lawn to stay greener longer. Our slow-release nitrogen fertilizer blend gives your lawn the nutrients it needs over a longer time period which helps to maintain a thicker and healthier appearance. Our Pro Maintenance Fertilizer provides a lot of premium nutrients to your lawn to ensure that a lush, green color is sustained.

Recommended Rate: 4lbs per 1000 Square Feet
Available in:
25kg Bags – 60% Slow Release Nitrogen
Recommended Season:
Best used Mid-Summer

How To Read a Fertilizer Label: e.g. 10-14-10
10 –The First number is nitrogen; this helps green up your turf and promote top growth
14 – The Second number is phosphorous; this promotes root growth and helps with plant establishment
10 – The Third number is potash; this helps fight drought and helps with high traffic

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