Premium Garden Soil

Our Premium Garden Soil provides great drainage that will keep your plants hydrated for a longer time period. It provides high-quality nutrients that support strong root growth.

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Willowlee Sod Farm’s Premium Garden Soil allows your lawn and/or seeds to gather a lot of nutrients to support the growth of strong roots. It provides good drainage which will keep your plants hydrated for longer. Our premium quality soil provides the support needed for healthy plant roots.

This Premium Garden Soil improves the soil texture by ensuring that there is an ideal plant growth environment. We recommend using our soil for your outdoor garden beds, and landscaping.

This soil benefits any type of plant by having living components that help with maintaining water and nutrients. This also helps to bind the soil particles together, which allows water and air to get to the soil and plant roots efficiently. It contains a variety of minerals. We recommend mixing garden soil into an existing garden bed or with the existing soil.

Our premium soil will be an ideal addition to your landscaping project and will bring life to any flower, vegetable, or plant garden.

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