Erosion Control Sock – 6 m

SiltSoxx is a three-dimensional tubular device that is the superior alternative when diverting, controlling and trapping sediment.


Our Erosion Control Sock is made by SiltSoxx ™ and is a three-dimensional tubular mesh device, that is filled with Filtrexx Media. This is a superior alternative to straw wattles and silt fences in helping to stop sediment. This Erosion Control Sock is best used in perimeter control, inlet protection, check dams, filter rings, and more.

Our team of experienced sediment and erosion control professionals design and engineer Best Management Practices (BMPs) for diverse sediment control applications. Filtrexx invented the compost filter sock, which helps to divert, control, and trap sediment debris.

Erosion Control Sock Benefits:
-Compost filter sock
-Easy installation
-Optimal performance
-Reduced installation, maintenance, and labour costs
-Better performance in comparison to other competitors
-Easy and quick removal – cut mesh and spread the remaining compost
-Reduces storm runoff
-Traps sediments and soluble pollutants
-Offers drain protection
-Can redirect excess stormwater

Common Uses:
-Concrete washout
-Check dam
-Perimeter control
-Runoff diversion
-Sediment traps

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