Cedar Mulch

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Willowlee Sod Farm has a premium Cedar Mulch that is made with the best cedar. If you want to reduce the number of weeds that grow in your garden then our mulch is the answer. It is long-lasting and will not need to be replaced often. At Willowlee Sod Farm we love the great smell of our mulch and enjoy the many benefits that come along with using mulch.

There are many benefits to Willowlee Sod Farm Cedar Mulch:
-It retains the moisture in your soil
-Mulch is great at regulating the soil temperature
-Our Mulch has a great smell you will love
-Weed growth is reduced by our mulch
-Protects your garden by being resistant to insects and diseases
-Our Mulch provides the soil with nutrients as it breaks down
-It is great in the fall and winter as it adds extra protection to the plant roots
-Good for use on pathways, around trees, in gardens, and for all of your landscaping needs

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